Longing to go back to Disney

August 19, 2010


Location: Melbourne, Australia

It has been five weeks since my Internship came to an end and I stopped working for Walt Disney World.

It has been ten days since I left Orlando, FL for Las Vegas.

It has been five days since I left Las Vegas to fly back home to Melbourne, Australia.

Not a second goes by where I don’t think about my Disney family. I miss them so much. I miss everything; the friends, the freedom, the lifestyle. I wish I could go back to day one and do it all over again.

Before embarking on this journey, I used to think I knew everything about myself, but now I’m not so sure.

There are things I never thought I wanted in life, that now I want; things I thought I wanted, but now I don’t.

My time abroad has been a life-changing and eye-opening experience that I will never take for granted.

I have met so many amazing and wonderful people and am blessed to have them in my life, even if it was only for a short while.

This is the parting gift that Bryan left me with.
I haven’t been able to watch it yet without crying.

Disney College Program
July 2009 – July 2010
Best time of my life.

Part I

Part II

Exiting the Circus

July 15, 2010

Orlando, Florida, USA
For the last twelve months of my life I have watched people from right around the world who have grown so close and dear to me depart as their Disney College Program experience had come to an end. As I sit here typing this from my apartment here at Chatham Square for the last time, I have tears rolling down my cheeks. The Cirque du Soleil; La Nouba soundtrack is playing in the background; certain parts triggering my mind as I run through my queues in my head. Although I really should be packing, I can’t bring myself to realize that this amazing whirlwind of a life-changing experience is about to conclude.

Last night, sadly, after one entire year of working for Walt Disney at Cirque du Soleil, my Disney College Program came to an end. It was a series of many lasts:

  • My last ride to work with Bryan; someone I have come to love so dearly
  • My last time putting on my hideous blue pants and blazer
  • My last time proudly wearing my Disney name tag
  • My last time clocking into CDS for my final shift
  • My last time laughing and joking around in the dungeon
  • My last pre-shift meeting on the stairs before first show load
  • My last time ushering a Cirque du Soleil show
  • My last time assisting Disney World guests
  • My last time calling cameras on the radio
  • My last time screaming out ‘Mop Help’ to Lalita
  • My last time working with a team of extremely amazing people from all over the world where I really feel like I belong
  • My last time clocking out of CDS to mark the end of my final shift
  • My last ride from work to Ale House to enjoy loaded fries and a few beers with my Cirque crew
  • My last ride from Ale House back to Chatham Square with friends that have become family for me while I’ve been here

My time here on the Disney College Program has been something that words can’t even describe. Twelve months ago I would never have thought I’d have grown so attached to so many people. Everyone is so different and unique and it’s quite hard to sum them up. I love each of them all dearly and each for different reasons.

If any of you happen to read this, thank you all for being you! I love you all so much and and I am going to miss you all terribly. I will definitely be back to visit, sooner rather than later.

Again, thank you, it’s been a blast.


STA World Travel Internship

January 13, 2009

STA TRAVEL WORLD TRAVELERS INTERNSHIPSTA Travel Australia, I have always been a loyal customer to you; never have I ventured off to Student Flights or Flight Center when in need of airfares, accommodation or travel advice. You see, I only have eyes for one travel agent, STA Travel, and that, my friend, is you! Just recently though, my love for you was tainted upon finding out that STA Travel USA has beaten you to the podium in all things cool. STA Travel Australia, I suggest you listen up and take a page out of STA Travel USA’s book. Apparently it is what all the cool kids are doing.

STA Travel is the largest student travel organization in the world. They recognize the personal growth and unique perspective that young people gain from global experiences; they believe travel changes people’s lives for the better. On the contrary, STA also recognizes the reason that most young people do not travel are finance-related issues. In order to solve this dilemma, STA Travel USA is searching for TWO World Travel Interns to traverse the globe experiencing a number of travel adventures and showcasing their experiences daily via a journal/blog, video and podcasts.

You are in with a good chance if you are able to:

– capture some incredible video footage and shoot some awesome snaps
– not embarrassed to freely interview fellow travelers and locals
– share your travel experiences to other fellow travelers through video, travel blogs and podcasts
– have the best time of your life

Unlike previous years, this time around you don’t even have to be an undergraduate student to take part; you just have to be aged 18 to 26 and hold a US passport. This is a once in a life time opportunity that will see you travel from the tropical waters of Fiji, to the red rock outback of Australia, India, Eastern Africa, Berlin, Scandinavia/Russia, Scotland and to the luscious greenery of Ireland. This is something you should not even have to think twice about.

To be in with a chance to intern for STA Travel, simply create a two to three minute video explaining why you would be the perfect World Travel Intern for 2009. To read more about this amazing prospect, you can visit the STA Travel World Intern site or visit the STA Travel site directly.

This really is a once in a life time opportunity that is too good to miss. I would eat my own sock to be able to enter into something like this! STA Travel Australia, I hope you are listening… err, reading. Learn from your overseas brother!

Applications cease on March 8, 2009 so get a-working on your video entries. What are you waiting for?