So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Good Bye…

April 15, 2010

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Every few months the one disadvantage of the Disney College Program comes around. Someone’s internship comes to an end and it is time for them to go back home and for us to say farewell.

Unfortunately, this time, it just so happens to be one of my close friends, Jung 😦

Here’s some photos from our last outing all together at the Magic Kingdom…

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Bits & Pieces…

February 17, 2010

Dear Blog,

I’m deeply sorry for the recent neglect I have shadowed upon
you. Here is a summary of my life over the last few weeks…

• Cirque family diminished as programs came to an end and friends returned home. I cried. Like a baby. It was horrible.


• Moved apartments, but still living at Chatham Square. (Let’s just pretend I’m an eight year old Asian girl for the sake of this blog entry).


• Began watching Lost from Season 1, Episode 1 all the way through to now. Currently on Season 5 and super pumped to begin Season 6! Boone, you were too hot to die. You left me eye-candy less. Jack grew a beard. Not hot.

• Space Mountain re-opened at Magic Kingdom so we went there on a rainy day to avoid lines and ride it over and over again. I screamed like a pre-pubescent teen yet to come out at a Taylor Swift concert. True story.

• New friends joined our Cirque family.

• Bryan and I have declared Monday ‘Taco Monday’. I slave away over a hot stove and cook taco’s for us both then we shove our faces with them while watching seven back-to-back episodes of Lost. Muchos fun.


• I received a single long stemmed red rose for Valentine’s Day 🙂

• Saw The Phantom Of The Opera at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando. It was spectacular.


• Got drunk at out regular Sunday night club and bumped into a girl that went to my High School, Primary School, worked right by me and also knew one of my best friends back home in Melbourne. Really?!? Yes, really, why would I lie about something like that? I know, it scared me too!

“No way we went to the same school! Give me a hi-5!”


• Last, but not least, we still be partyin’.

That’s all from me.
Until next time…


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

December 1, 2009

Discounted Cast Member tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom? Hell yeah! Sunday was pretty much the only available day from then until Christmas that I’d have free to attend this event, so there really was no hesitation or second thoughts about it.

I’d heard mixed opinions about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party but the negatives weren’t enough to hold me back. I was beyond excited for this night, so much so that I even went out and bought an adorable Minnie Santa hat with ears and a bow; so cute. Whether I looked ridiculous or not is a matter of opinion, but hey, it kept my head warm… at least that’s my claim.

Entrance into Magic Kingdom

The front of Magic Kingdom had been decorated for Christmas and decked out with wreaths and lights, it looked so pretty. Upon stepping foot into the Magic Kingdom, my eyes were instantly drawn to Main Street. I’d looked down Main Street many times before and seen Cinderella’s Castle at the very end, but I’d never seen it look as beautiful as it did tonight. The Castle was sparkling and glistening in the nights sky. It had been completely draped in fairy lights to give it that frosted, icy look. It was truly spectacular. I was blown away by its beauty. I walked down Main Street with my eyes glued to the Castle at all times. I was so attracted to it that it took me a good few minutes to realise that it was snowing down Main Street, fake snow, but still snow none the less. Quite the sight if I may say so myself. I continued to make my way towards the Castle to admire its beauty up close.

Me looking cute in my Minnie Santa hat in front of Cinderella's Castle

One of our friends, Liz,  is a performer in the Christmas stage show that they present at Cinderella’s Castle so we went to watch her do her thing. The show was so cute and a lot of fun and really put me in the Christmas mood. I was bopping around to all the Christmas carols while admiring the gorgeous costumes they all got to wear.

After the show was over Liz had told us to meet her at the side of Cinderella’s Castle because she had arranged a meet and greet for us! I was soooooo excited. This made the night even more amazing than it already was. Bryan and I headed over there and waited until someone came to get us. A few of the cast came out as well as Mickey and Minnie! Lots of other performers also had their families there to see them.

Bryan and I with Liz and a few of her performer friends

Mickey and Minnie; so cute!

Next up was the Wishes Fireworks Spectacular, Christmas style! I’d never seen the normal Wishes before but I had heard the Christmas one was a heap better so I was super excited and pumped up.

My hot chocolate and my cookie!

Before the fireworks show began, it started getting a little chilly outside so we decided to take advantage of the several stations giving out hot chocolate and cookies to the guests. I’m not a huge fan of cookies, but this one was delicious! It was covered in colourful sprinkles and seemed to just melt in my mouth. The hot chocolate was super great and really hit the spot. There were marshmallows in there to make it taste extra good! Bryan had bought a whole heap of candy canes along with him and was telling me how he likes to break up a candy cane and put it into his hot chocolate. He said that you stir it around and wait for it to melt and then the hot chocolate has a peppermint twist to it. This sounded delicious so I gave it a try, and, sure enough, it worked and my hot chocolate tasted DELICIOUS! It was pretty much a mouth-gasm. So, so good. I highly recommend it!

We returned back to Cinderella’s Castle and secured our spot to view the Wishes Christmas Fireworks show from. A voice came over the sound system informing us that all the lights throughout the Magic Kingdom would be dimmed in order for guests to view the fireworks show… and then, it began…

Speechless. Hands down possibly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen before in my life. It was definitely the highlight of my time here to date. It was spectacularly beautiful. The castle lit up in different colours, the fireworks shooting out over the top, the Christmas Carols playing; it was just… lost for words. It really was something. There was a couple in front of me hugging and kissing while this was all going on. The family to my right had their arms all interlocked and were hugging. For a brief second I got sad again thinking about how I wont be home for Christmas but watching the amazingness that is the Wishes Christmas Fireworks Spectacular made all if this OK.

There was just one thing left to do… make our way over to view the Christmas Parade which two of our friends were performing in. We secured our spot and sat down while waiting for it to begin. Sure enough, another two hot chocolates with marshmallows and candy canes were consumed. Mmmmm 🙂 The parade was all sorts of cute fun. I saw my favourites; The Beast and Belle and Aladdin; Winnie the Pooh and friends and of course, Mickey and Minnie… oh, and how could I forget… Santa!

Sadly, this brought our night to an end. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party was such an amazing night and I wish we could have stayed there forever! It really was something special and I will never, ever forget it. It’s one of those things that will stay with me for life. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you get your butt over there to check it out. It’s on select nights throughout December and runs from 7pm until midnight. Pleaseeee, do yourself a favour and go! You wont be disappointed 🙂

Bryan and I before leaving. This is a one of the professional Photo Pass photos.


Happy Birthday Walt Disney World!

October 1, 2009

October 1, 1971 marked the official opening of the
Walt Disney World Resort and Magic Kingdom


September 30, 2009

Last night it was my mates 24th Birthday, and boy, what a night it was!

We hired out the services of Daytona Limos for the night and they did not disappoint. Our ride of choice was a 2007 H2 Hummer Limousine, complete with room for twenty passengers, five bars, 32″ plasma HDTV, multiple smaller plasma TV’s, DVD player, iPod hook up and a X-Box game console; all ours, for FOUR hours! PWOAH!

The crew out front of our Hummer Limo!

The crew out front of our Hummer Limo!

One of the five bars in the limo!

One of the five bars in the limo!

The night started at 11pm when the Hummer came and picked us up from Chatham Square. Now, let’s be honest, the only things we ever see parked out front of Chatham are the Disney College Program buses which look like they are about to fall apart, or airport shuttles and cabs begging for our business… so when we saw this beauty parked out front, you can only imagine the looks of delight on our faces! Once we were all aboard, we headed up the street to Vista Way to pick up the next bunch of guests aswell as a quick detour to Magic Kingdom to pick up one more who was knocking off a late shift!  What happens next is kind of a massive blur, but the photos indicate we ended up at Universal City Walk and then safely back home to Chatham Square haha.

The night was an absolute success, no thanks to the endless flow of booze from one of our five bars. We rocked it hardcore to Miss. Kelly Clarkson and Miss. Taylor Swift… the boys loved the song choices 😛 haha. Funny that as soon as Since U Been Gone and I Do Not Hook Up came on, every boy and their dog knew the lyrics to them both and were screaming them out at the top of their lungs!

Daytona Limos really made for an amazing birthday celebration… but who needs a birthday to celebrate, right!?!

2007 H2 Hummer Limousine

2007 H2 Hummer Limousine

Since my memory is so bad…

September 23, 2009

I’m blogging myself a list of things I need to MUST do while working at Disney and living in Florida:

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – Magic Kingdom
  3. EPCOT
  4. EPCOT Food & Wine Festival
  5. Animal Kingdom
  6. Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure
  7. Halloween Horror Night at Universal
  8. Weekend in Miami
  9. Hollywood Studios
  10. Sea World
  11. Wishes Dessert Party – Magic Kingdom
  12. Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
  13. Biergarten Restaurant for dinner- Germany, EPCOT
  14. Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba (only like fifty times already!)
  15. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show – $25 all you can eat pizza, popcorn, beer and wine plus a show… hell yes!
  16. Ohana’s Best Friends Character Buffet Breakfast – Disney’s Polynesian resort
  17. T-Rex Restaurant – Downtown Disney