__.The Eiffel Tower, Paris____.Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris____.Inside Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Looking out towards Notre Dame, Paris..Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.Me by the river in Paris

Walking through the backstreets of Paris to purchase a picnic dinner.Eating my scrumptious eclair in Paris.Our picnic dinner by the Eiffel Tower, Paris

__.Me by the Eiffel Tower after dinner____.The girls and I by the Eiffel Tower____.Under the Eiffel Tower at sunset

Sunset under the Eiffel Tower.View from 1st level of the Eiffel Tower.View from 3rd level of the Eiffel Tower

__.he Eiffel Tower lit up from below____.Inside the Louvre - The Davinci Code!____.The Mona Lisa in The Louvre

Mel and I kissing a sculpture inside The Louvre.Me, Jade, Jess and Mel kicking back at a fountain in Paris.The Arc di Triumph

The Moulin Rouge in Paris.Me, Liz, Mel, Jess, Jac and Jade standing ontop of a fan in front of the Moulin Rouge, Paris.The gand after having too much to drink at La Nouvelle Eve in Paris


The Roman Aqua ducts
.View from bridge at the Roman Aqua ducts.Jess, Me and Jade at the Roman Aqua ducts

Mel and I at an Olympic port in SpainWalking back to the bus in Barcelona, SpainLa Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

__.Mel and I in front of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain____.Jade and I doing out hair at our cabins in Barcelona, Spain____.The girls with some random drunken Canadian dude...

_________.Me, Jess, Jade and Jac drinking on the beach in Barcelona, Spain.Jac, me and Stef bar-top dancing in Barcelona, Spain


Jac, Mel, Amy, Jade, me and Jess along the French Riviera.A Ferris Wheel at a fair on the French Riviera.Jade, Jess and I taking out cash from the ATM

Me standing by the beach at the French Riviera.The girls walking by the beach on the French Riviera.Me, Jade, Jess and Jac taking a rest from our long day of walking

The group on the French Riviera.On the way to the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.Mel and I taking in the breathtaking scenery in Monaco

Monte Carlo.Me in Monte Carlo.Jac, Amy, Mel, Liz, me, Jess and Jade in Monte Carlo

The gang in Monte Carlo.The gang looking gorgeous.Monte Carlo - Playground to the rich and famous

____________..Monte Carlo.Monte Carlo Casino


Entering to the balcony of Romeo & Juliet.Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy.St. Marks Square in Venice, Italy

A canal in Venice.._Me at the back street markets in Venice_..One of the main canals in Venice, Italy

Looking down to the sidewalk by the canals.Mel and I on a bridge looking down over the canals in Venice.Jade looking out on the view from our gondola in Venice

Our gondola dude in Venice.ess, Amy, Jac, Mel and me on our gondola in Venice, Italy.)

___.Me hugging and kissing the Leaning Tower of Pisa___.._.Me trying to prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling!___._.A fake David in Rome

Wall grafitti in Rome, Italy.Mel and I in front of the Collesium in Rome, Italy.Liz, Mel, me, Jess, Jac and Jade inside the Collesium

Me in front of the Trevi Fountain, Rome.The gang sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome.I can't remember the name of this, somewhere in Rome

Drinking up with the gang at our cabin site in Rome.Pretty sure we were all hammered here.The Vatican City, Italy

__.Inside the Vatican____.The guards outside the Vatican____.Jade and I drinking in Florence

More drinking in Florence, Italy.No recollection what so ever of this photo... what am I doing?.The after-effects of drinking too much in Florence...

_____.____The streets of Pompeii.Pompeii, Italy


On our way to the Parthenon in Athens, Greece
.The surrounding of the Parthenon in Athens.Mel and I in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Our ferry beside another, departing the Greek mainland and heading for Mykonos_._Sunrise from our ferry in Greece__.Jade, Jess and myself on our ferry docking at one of the Greek Islands on our way to Mykonos

Mel and I on our ferry on the way to Mykonos!.The beach in front of our Mykonos resort!!!.D

Jade, Jess, Jac, Amy, Mel and I on our Mykonos beach.The gang before dinner in Mykonos.Drunk at a bar somewhere in Mykonos

Jac, our tour manager, Jade, me, Jess and Mel before going banana boating.Banana boating time! Look at that water!.Where we had lunch, up the road from our resort

Lunch restaurant in Mykonos.Me on Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece.Mel and I on Paradise Beach

Mel, Jade and I sharing stories on the beach__,Sunset on Paradise Beach, Mykonos__.D


Sunset over Albania
.Sunset over Albania.Sunset over Albania

__________.____Sunset over Albania.Sunset over Albania


The Adriatic Sea off the coast of Montenegro.Crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro.The Adriatic Sea, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. This island resort needs to be booked WAY in advance and costs a fortune!.The Montenegro coastJac, Mel, Amy, Jade, me and Jess in Montenegro


Croatian strip of beach_Drinking in Dubrovnik, Croatia_Drinking in Dubrovnik, Croatia

_._Back streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia___._Pretty flowers in Dubrovnik___._Me in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Mel and I on a cliff edge in Dubrovnik___Mel & I on a boat ride going to one of the islands off the coast of Croatia_._Jade, Jess, Mel and I on our boat ride

Jac & I on the boat ___Sunset over Dubrovnik, Croatia_._Sunset in Zadar, Croatia




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