Hot Cross Buns!

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Really? Sweet, little, innocent Hot Cross Buns is all I wanted to find an image of today, so where else do I turn to but Google Images. Hot Cross buns are a reflection of Easter and traditionally eaten on Good Friday. The white cross on top of the bun is a symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion, so today, when I Google imaged the term ‘Hot Cross Buns’, I definitely did not expect this as a result…

Hot Cross Buns???

Putting Giselle Bundchen’s Hot Cross Buns aside…

Today, out of nowhere, I suddenly craved…


Yes, that is right, freshly baked, warm, mouth-watering Hot Cross Buns drowning in melted butter, mmmmm, melted butter in all their sweet spiced and sultana-ry goodness. And no, do not even think for a second that I would crave the so called hot cross buns in the image above, but these are more so the kind I had in mind… More rounded and firm than Giselle’s buns could ever be…

REAL Hot Cross Buns

*Sigh* I can just close my eyes and the aroma of  Hot Cross Buns being freshly baked at Safeway while I work along side the bakery comes wafting into my nose. Oh, Hot Cross Buns, how my taste buds will miss your once a year appearance. I am sorry that I cannot consume you in 2010. My apologies. Do warn your brothers, sisters and friends though; I will be making up for my 2010 loss in 2011 and chowing down twice my Easter consumption.

3 Responses to Hot Cross Buns!

  1. christinaferrari says:

    I have not had one of those for over 3 years, the baked variety, not a butt like Bundchen mind.

    I have a Nigella Lawson recipe but it’s just never going to be the same as those delicious Baker’s Delights ones.

    Maybe I could open the first BD franchise here in the United States? Then I would be found dead of hot cross bun overdose, so perhaps it is not a great idea.

  2. Tess says:

    Good evening, Happy Easter!

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