Case Of The Diminishing Australian Accent…


…. Here at Disney, I make the magic....


♥ Today I got asked if my accent came from Boston.
Lady: Is that a Boston accent you have there?
Me: No, it’s Australian.
Weird, I could have sworn you were from Boston.
Boston, Melbourne, kind of close.
Lady: *Nods in agreement.*

On Saturday a lady yelled out to her husband, “Come check this out, this girl is from New York but her name tag says she’s from Australia!”
Lady: Why does your name tag say Australia?
Me: Because I am Australian.
Lady: You sound like you’re from New York.
Me: Pretty sure I’m Australian.
Lady: Odd.
Me: Yes, very.

On Friday I was talking to a family, all of which had Australian accents:
Me: You guys are from Australia?
Daughter: Yes.
Me: Me too! What part?
Mum: Canberra, you?
Me: Melbourne.
Me: Thank you. No tickets for you.

Last week some British couple were amazed that I said ‘cheers’…
Man: *Laughing* You said cheers, that’s funny (thinking that I’m making fun of him).
Me: Why wouldn’t I? I’m Australian.
Lady: You’re Australian?
Me: Yes *points to name tag that says Melbourne, Australia*
Man: How long have you been in the U.S. for?
Me: Seven months.
Lady/Man: Woah, sounds like you’ve been here for seven years.
Me: Thank you. No tickets for you.

Some random day a few weeks back…
Lady: Are you really Australian?
Me: No, I just wear this name tag for fun.
Lady: Oh, OK!

Another wonderful couple making my day…
Man: Wow, you’re a long way from home!
Me: Yes, nothing a 25 hour plane ride can’t fix.
Lady: Funny, you sound like you’re right at home though.
Me: I get that all the time.
Lady: I’m not surprised.

And one more time just because American’s make me laugh…
Lady: Are you from Boston?
Me: Only on Wednesdays.
Lady: Good thing today is Wednesday then!
Me: Yes.

8 Responses to Case Of The Diminishing Australian Accent…

  1. slamdunk says:

    Wow, that is hard to believe that one can confuse an Australian accent with NYC or Boston. I would be laughing.

    • Lynnie says:

      Apparently my poor Australian accent is quickly beginning to sound American 😦

      I can understand the Boston thing, we both drop lots of ‘er’ sounds on the ends of words and make them sound like a’s…. ie) Mother = motha.

  2. Pauline Durst says:

    ha ha ha…cool.. you won’t believe what my friends said when i sang in the Cabbie-oke cab last weekend..”you were doing a Yank cover P?!” lol..

  3. Mother dear says:

    What can I Say, some people?????

  4. Marie says:

    Ah, the life of working at a theme park. I miss it!

    I found your blog through Google. I’m interested in doing the Disney intern program, I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog :).

    I have cousins in Australia, I’ve been planning on visiting there. It looks like a beautiful country (and I love wallaby’s!)

    • Lynnie says:

      DO ITTTT! Best decision ever! 🙂

      • Marie says:

        I want to! But I found out that DisneyLAND doesn’t have a summer program, just DisneyWORLD and I live in CA. I’m trying to talk my husband into moving to Florida 🙂

        Are you able to get housing off of the park if you have a spouse?

      • Lynnie says:

        Your spouse can’t live with you in the College Program housing, no… But my friend is part of the College Program and rents her own place off site… not sure if she’s an exception though because she is enrolled at UCF here.

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