Disney Family Holiday Celebration 2009

Over the last three months I have come to the learn that my family and friends back home don’t like me enough to write me or send me care packages via post, but regardless, today I decided to check my letter box at the off chance that something wonderful may be waiting for me. I reached in to my letter box and grabbed the contents… junk mail, mail for the room mate x3, junk mail, more junk mail… and low and behold, an envelope… with my name on it… ooo, excitement!

I walked (at a very fast pace) back to my apartment and ripped open the envelope… Disney mail… pretty standard, but hello, what’s this? Not so standard Disney mail… it’s the Disney Family Holiday Celebration 2009 card for cast members! EEEEEEEE! It’s like all my Christmas’ came at once! This one little card entitles myself and up to three guests to:

Walt Disney World Theme Park Admission
DisneyQuest Admission
Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon Admission
Holiday Room Discount at Disney Resorts
One 5×7 Disney PhotoPass Photograph
One round of golf at Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Gold Course of Disney’s Fantasia Gardens & Fantasia Fairways Miniature Gold Courses
Discounts on Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba (because I totally need that)
Special Company D discounts
30%, 40% and 50% off Disney dining coupons
Special Holiday Discounts on merchandise
Double discount at Cast Connection
Six popcorn and soft drink coupons

Woah… what a mouthfull! So excited to put this baby to good use! It’s valid until February of 2010 which is plenty of time to fit all this awesomeness into my already hectic schedule!

To make matters even better, today I went to Publix to get my discount tickets for Halloween Horror Night at Universal tonight!!! I’m so excited and pretty sure I’m going to lose my voice screaming when some psychopath chases me with a chainsaw! YAY!

Disney Holiday Celebration 2009 card & Halloween Horror Nights ticket!

Disney Holiday Celebration 2009 card & Halloween Horror Nights ticket!


9 Responses to Disney Family Holiday Celebration 2009

  1. I will send you a care package, what do you want?

  2. kristiiiiiiiiii says:

    im still scarred from childhood where we were on a haunted ship and chased by a chainsaw. i thought i was dead.

  3. I can send you a jar of half used vegemite.

  4. Mummy says says:

    Your care package will be sent off to you soonish

  5. bus hire says:

    Hmmmm that is awesome.

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