Last night it was my mates 24th Birthday, and boy, what a night it was!

We hired out the services of Daytona Limos for the night and they did not disappoint. Our ride of choice was a 2007 H2 Hummer Limousine, complete with room for twenty passengers, five bars, 32″ plasma HDTV, multiple smaller plasma TV’s, DVD player, iPod hook up and a X-Box game console; all ours, for FOUR hours! PWOAH!

The crew out front of our Hummer Limo!

The crew out front of our Hummer Limo!

One of the five bars in the limo!

One of the five bars in the limo!

The night started at 11pm when the Hummer came and picked us up from Chatham Square. Now, let’s be honest, the only things we ever see parked out front of Chatham are the Disney College Program buses which look like they are about to fall apart, or airport shuttles and cabs begging for our business… so when we saw this beauty parked out front, you can only imagine the looks of delight on our faces! Once we were all aboard, we headed up the street to Vista Way to pick up the next bunch of guests aswell as a quick detour to Magic Kingdom to pick up one more who was knocking off a late shift!  What happens next is kind of a massive blur, but the photos indicate we ended up at Universal City Walk and then safely back home to Chatham Square haha.

The night was an absolute success, no thanks to the endless flow of booze from one of our five bars. We rocked it hardcore to Miss. Kelly Clarkson and Miss. Taylor Swift… the boys loved the song choices 😛 haha. Funny that as soon as Since U Been Gone and I Do Not Hook Up came on, every boy and their dog knew the lyrics to them both and were screaming them out at the top of their lungs!

Daytona Limos really made for an amazing birthday celebration… but who needs a birthday to celebrate, right!?!

2007 H2 Hummer Limousine

2007 H2 Hummer Limousine


3 Responses to Hummer-tastic!

  1. That’s brilliant. I love those Hummers. I want one bad, even if it’s just to piss the greenies off.

    What a fantastic night, looks like heaps of fun. You Disney kids ain’t so ‘Disney’ all the time. 😉

  2. Lynnie says:

    LOL, we are only Disney during work hours, and sometimes, not even then!

  3. Thanks for the great review, glad you enjoyed our service and the Hummer Limo! Let us know next time you have an event needing limousine service in Orlando, we will be happy to give you the same great service again. For your next limo rental check out our Escalade Limo or Party Bus.

    Daytona Limos
    800-296-1990 or 407-233-0000

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