Made it safely to Montreal.



4 Responses to Montreal

  1. Look out Canada. I wonder if the Canadians will think you sound like one of them.

  2. Patrizia Simulacra says:

    Countess that is funny. Those in Montreal are French Canadians and they might mistake Lynnie for one of those horrid ‘other’ Canadians. You know the one’s with a British heritage?

    Lynnie be careful you might start sounding like Celine Dion or worse Terence and Phillip from South Park…nasty

    • Lynnie says:

      We went to a comedy show downtown the other night in Montreal. The comedian asked if there were any out of towners so I raised my hand and said I was from Australia. He got me to repeat a few sentences then proceeded to tell the audience I sounded like a Texan, trying to be an Australian so that the Canadians don’t know that I’m really an American. Ugh.

      Celine Dion, oh dear.

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