Disney International College Program – Visa Interview

Today all my Disney International College Program visa papers arrived! So excited but also very stressed. There are so many papers to read through, fill out and sign. I’m worried that if I mess one thing up the whole visa opportunity will backfire and I will be denied a J1 visa.

I booked my visa interview for April 22 at 8:15am. I have to be at the U.S. Consulate in Melbourne at 7:45am however I can be waiting there for up to four hours before it’s my turn. At first I thought I’d kill the waiting time with mobile Facebook and Twitter, but they take your phones away from you before you enter! AHHH! I guess I will have to make do with some Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift on my iPod. Fun.

For the next few days I will be pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to correctly fill out all these papers and pay all these fees. I hope I don’t make any mistakes. Granted I get my visa, then comes the fun part… airfare shopping! YAY!

Wish me luck 🙂

One Response to Disney International College Program – Visa Interview

  1. Bring a book, I don’t think you can take in an IPOD either. It might be ALL electronics are banned not sure. It gets pretty boring waiting at the Consulate. The Sydney one is worse. They do immigration up there so you are waiting for hours and hours and have to watch people in front of you getting rejected. I saw people who were married denied a visa to be with their spouse. By the time it got to me I was a nervous wreck!

    Just take your time with the paperwork and double check and get someone else to check. It is scary when it’s all so official and they warn that paperwork mistakes mean they throw out your application. 😦 If I can get a J1 anyone can so don’t worry.

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