STA World Travel Internship – Top 20 Announced!

Back in January I blogged about the STA (America) World Travel Internship. STA Travel is the largest student travel organization in the world and over the last few months, they have been on the hunt for two world travel interns to traverse the globe and experience a number of travel adventures showcasing their experiences daily via journal/blog, video and podcasts.

Unlike previous years, this years entrants did not have to be undergraduate students. Entrants needed to be aged 18-26, hold a US passport and submit a video to STA Travel outlining why they think they deserve this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Well, the STA Gods have finally spoken and hand picked the top 20 finalists, all of which can be viewed at the STA Travel Wire Blog. Two of these 20 finalists will experience the opportunity to travel from the tropical waters of Fiji, to the red rock outback of Australia, India, Eastern Africa, Berlin, Scandinavia/Russia, Scotland and to the luscious greenery of Ireland.

Any feedback on the entrants videos is much appreciated by the judges to help them narrow the competition down to determine the two winners, so head over to the STA Travel Wire Blog and get watching and commenting!

My personal favourites:

Melissa Landry

Dana Arschin

Best of luck to the top 20 finalists!


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