Star signs…

I am by no means a superstitious person. I am not one of those people who let my star sign determine my life. Just because my star sign says I have to do something, it does not mean I go out and do it. I rarely ever read star signs, but tonight while on my break at work I was extremely bored. I pulled the newspaper over to where I was sitting and randomly opened it up mid-way through. The page I opened up to just so happened to be the star signs page. Out of curiosity, I decided to have a read.

Today was the second time within the last few months that I have read my star sign. Oddly enough, both seemed extremely relevant to my life at that moment in time. I ripped both star signs out and kept them. Just in case things do work out the way I plan, then I can look back at the ripped newspaper clippings and smile.

The first star sign I came across a few weeks back read:

Focus your energy on distant things – distant in time and/or miles. The fates are with you, especially if your plans involve people and places far from home or you are embarking on a long-term commitment.

Today’s star sign read:

Are you in the right organization? Are there people you can count on? And principles you can relate to? Do you feel as if you belong? You may just be a small cog in a big machine but does it feel as if that is your machine – as if it somehow turns to serve your purpose? If not, you had either better alter your attitude or affiliate yourself with a different organization because if you have got the right kind of back up now, there is nothing that 2009 can’t eventually make possible for you. Reach for your vision.

The first one seemed to fit in frighteningly well with my hopes to move overseas later this year and obtain work in the US; distance in miles, places far away from home; long-term commitment… Can you see how this scared me a little bit?

The second relates to my current part-time job. I hate it. It is a dead end job that I cannot wait to get out of. There are no principles within the company that I can relate to. My aim is to change the organization I work for. My vision is to have this organizational change happen in the US. I am eager and determine to reach for this vision.

Whether these two star signs are a weird coincidence or a prediction to my future, only time will tell…


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