The biggest little city in the world…

Before flying out from Texas, I checked the weather for Reno and they were forecasting snow and freezing cold temperatures I have never before experienced (apart from Jungfrau in Switzerland) in my life. I was freaking out and picturing myself freezing to death. Snow in October; that’s just insane! Upon arriving in Reno, though, we realized we had just missed the snow; bit disappointing, but I will get over it.

Reno, Nevada claims to be the biggest little city in the world. I more so saw it as being Reno; the poor mans Las Vegas.

If I did not have a very big reason to come here, then I really do not think Reno would be a place I would choose to visit, besides, what could it possibly offer me that I had not already experience in Las Vegas? Ummm… maybe KELLY CLARKSON (and Reba McEntire). Yes, that is right, my soul purpose of traveling to Reno, Nevada was to see Kelly Clarkson in concert on her 2 Worlds 2 Voices tour (with Reba McEntire). If you have not yet caught my drift, I am not a Reba fan. I was purely there for the KC.

We were meeting up with a few friends in Reno; Nicole from Sydney, Australia, Sandy from Toronto, Canada and Kim from Tampa, Florida. We were indeed a very mixed bunch but whom all shared the same common interest; Kelly Clarkson. Kristi and I got in on the Friday night, met up with the gang and automatically went for a few drinks to keep warm.

The next morning, Nicole, Kim and myself, not being use to these extremely cold conditions, rugged up in preperation of stepping foot outside. We walked through the casino area of our hotel and when I went to open the door to walk outside, I squeeled in reaction to how bloody ice-death-freezing-cold it was outside. I am so glad it never reaches these sorts of temperatures back in Melbourne. We go for a short walk and take some photos.

Sandy, Me, Kristi, Kim and Nic standing in front of the Reno sign
Here is the Reno sign by night…

Reno sign by night

All five of us went for dinner at one of the restaurants at our hotel before heading to the Entertainment Centre to attend the concert. I was super excited. Kristi and I had third row dead centre seats! EEEEEE! We picked up our tickets from the ticketing window and made our way into the arena to find our seats. Despite knowing we had third row, when we actually got to our spots, I could not believe how close we were. I was completely ecstatic and beside myself! The arena continued to slowly fill up and was still filling up as the opening act, Melissa Peterman from the the TV show, Reba, came on stage to perform her opening comedy routine. This lady had me in absolutely stitches of laughter. Her comedy was pure genius so much so that I had to wipe the tears of laughter away to avoid them from dripping down my cheeks and making it appear as though I was crying. Her set was amazing and I looked forward to her return later on in the show.

When Kelly and Reba took the stage, there were roars of cheering and clapping. They opened up with Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire performing 'Sweet Dreams' in Reno, Nevada
The show was absolutely fantastic. There were, however, two things that could have made it better; 1) The removal of Reba 2) The removal of the drunken girls sitting in front of us that kept yelling at inappropriate times, spilling their beer everywhere and climbing over their chairs. Apart from those two things, though, Kelly was sensational as always. I think this may have been the 12th time I had seen her live. Here are a few other snaps I took throughout the night…

Kelly Clarkson in Reno, Nevada Kelly Clarkson in Reno, Nevada

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

Kelly Clarkson in Reno, Nevada Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

After the concert we went out to a bar and drank a lot, so much that I think I passed out when we got back to our hotel room.

The next morning I woke up, hang-over free, saddened that today was my last day in the USA. I did not want to fly back so soon. I had been away from home, my family, my precious cat and my friends for three months now and although feeling a tad guilty, I was having too much fun to miss them as much as I thought I would. Three months flew. As much as I love flying, I was not looking forward to the 21 hour journey with an eight hour layover in Auckland, New Zealand.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to one another and Nicole, Kristi and myself got a cab to the airport. Kristi was first to leave. I tried not to cry, but I could not hold the tears back. I bawled like a baby all over her shoulder. Woops. Who knows how long it will be before I get to see her again? Off she went to board her flight back home to Dallas, Texas.

I was next to leave. I had a flight to Los Angeles and then a four hour stop there until my International flight left for Auckland. I said my goodbyes to Nicole and refrained from tears. I knew I would be seeing her again, sooner, rather than later, as she was only an hour flight from me in Melbourne.

My flight was being announced, and like that, I was flying out from Reno and into Los Angeles.

I shed quite a few tears on my flight back to Australia. I had the flight map up on my TV screen to see the distanced traveled and to know where abouts across the Pacific we were located. As soon as I saw the map of Australia come into the picture, I cried some more. It had finally hit me that after three fantastic months of traveling through Europe and the USA, I was about to go back home; back to reality; back to something I was not quite sure if I was ready to face just yet…


One Response to The biggest little city in the world…

  1. kristiiiiiiiiii says:

    ill never forget this trip. i think vegas might top it, but renooooooooooooooo will live on in memory forever.

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