Woohooo! My flight leaves at 12pm, it is now 1:14am and although I’m extremely tired, I’m too excited to go to sleep!

It took FOREVER and I mean forever, just to get my suitcase to a decent weight. I think it’s sitting on 21.5kg at the moment although it is meant to be 20kg. I’ll probably get asked to remove some stuff at the airport. I already removed as much as possible, I’m seriously left with barely anything, and it looks so empty too. I wanted to cry at one point. I think my carry on bag is also over by 0.5kg. Ugh, I hope they don’t charge me!

Anywho, not sure how often I will have access to the Internet but I hope to keep this thing updated as much as possible!

I will miss you all so much… especially mum, dad and Cookie!

Love you xoxo


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