One exam left; forever!!! 27 days to go!!!

At the moment I’m reading a Contiki dudes blog from his Euro-trip, it’s awesome; so detailed! It’s getting me so damn excited for my trip!

I’m also studying *sigh* for hopefully what will be the last time… EVER! Had my first exam last Wednesday which I think went OK… and now my last exam is on Thursday! The revision material seems straight forward though, so I hope it ends up that way. I’ll be dreading the day results are released, simply because if I fail one, I can’t go back 2nd semester since I wont be here, which means another semester of university at the beginning on 2009, ugh, the thought alone scares the shit out of me!

27 days to go! TWENTY SEVEN! And in four hours, it will be 26! That’s less than a month! I’ve started taking extended hours at work to pocket more spending money. The Euro and the Pound really bother me, stupid conversion rates! On Friday mum and I are going shopping so I can pick up bits and pieces for the trip; a quick-dry towel, sleeping bag, bikini (she ruined mine in the wash although she wont admit it!), a UK and Euro adaptor, toiletries, medicines, spare batteries and a few clothing items… My list is kinda long, but I really can’t be bothered writing it all out lol.

The other day Mel and I booked our London hotel for the night before our Contiki departure. We are staying with relatives when in London, but we thought we’d get a hotel to make it easier to depart at 6am for our tour. Found a nice one within our budget and a two minute walk from our departure point; wonderful!

Yesterday I also found a nice student airfare flying American Airlines from Tampa to Dallas. Got my university enrollment confirmed through the student universe website and they were able to allow me to purchase the fare! The regular fare cost $244 US and I scored this one for $129; oh, how I will miss student fares! Also purchased my Dallas to Reno airfare, wasn’t as cheap, but the high cost to get to Reno will definitely be made up by the reason for going there D

Just need to purchase my flight from Reno to Los Angeles and find a hotel to stay at in London nearby Heathrow Airport for the night before I fly out to the USA. Since my flight departs at 8:30am, it will be too much of a hassle waking up super early and getting there from the relos house in London, so this makes it easier for myself. Was pleasantly happy to find out that the hotels by Heathrow Airport are mainly used by business people, and since less business happens on the weekends, the hotels have lowered rates, hooray for flying out to the USA on a Sunday!!!

27 daysssssssssssssssssss! EEEEEEEEE!

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