My first blog – how exciting! 49 days to go!

Good evening fans and worshipers. This blog is an excuse to keep myself awake long enough to bid on an eBay auction that is ending just after midnight. I must win! The dress will be a nice collection to my European wardrobe. Back off, bidders, success will be mine!

Today marked the 49th remaining day for my European departure; London bound. I can’t wait. I’ve had this countdown going since I got home from Phuket, Thailand in March which started at 150 days. They say counting down for something makes the anticipation drag-out, but this time around it seems to be making the wait fly past! EEEEE!

I’ve started purchasing and gathering together all the essentials for my trip. I’ve bought two SD memory cards for my camera which actually work with my 40gig portable hard drive. I had to settle for 2gig cards since my portable hard drive cannot read the newer 4gig high capacity SD cards. Time to update my technology? I think so. I also purchased an amazing bendable, compact camera tripod. It’s called a Gorillapod and if you haven’t heard of them or seen what they can do, I suggest you do, these things are bloody amazing! Compact, bendable and lightweight so they don’t pose a hassle in my suitcase or even in my hand bag while venturing out for the day. Genius idea, I say! God bless eBay.

The last few days and the next few weeks have/will been spent shopping on new items of clothing to wear out and about in Europe. I’m usually a capris, tank top and thongs girl, but in places like France and Italy, I guess I’d want to dress-it-up a little, so, a shopping I must go!


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